Windshield Repair

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or There Is No Charge

Repair or Replace
Often when you see that first chip in your windshield caused by a rock or some other object, you wonder how long it will be before that chip turns into a full blown crack causing you to have to replace your entire windshield.

Auto Glass Express can quickly and inexpensively repair your windshield, without completely replacing it.

#1 Reason To Repair A Windshield

By fixing a small chip in your windshield early, you eliminate the potential higher expense of a full windshield replacement.

Almost any chip or crack that is less than 6” long can be repaired at a much lower cost when compared to a full replacement. Not only is repairing a chip or small crack affordable, it takes less time to have done.

Once a windshield is repaired it is difficult to see where the repair took place, although there is always a small mark left where the crack originally existed.

In Some Cases Repair Is Not Practical

If the damage is too large, or you have multiple chips, or the damage is along the edge of the windshield, it may not be repairable. Our experienced technicians can determine this with a quick assessment.

Insurance Coverage
In many cases your insurance will cover the repairs to your windshield.

Auto Glass Express Guarantee

There is no charge for any windshield repair, if the customer believes the final appearance of the windshield is not satisfactory.

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